Get the solutions

you need for today’s complex
and competitive labor market.

Get the solutions

you need for today’s complex
and competitive labor market.

You need an expert,

but don’t need to be the expert.

Keeping on top of ever-changing labor laws and regulations while also working to motivate and retain staff in this unprecedentedly fluid labor market may be sapping your attention and energy.

If this is you and HR issues are keeping you from focusing on growing your business, you need a partner who supports your people so that you can focus on growth.

Why work with Jinji HR?


We are responsive and approachable.
As your HR partners, we act with high-quality and dependable service.


We have double vision; we focus on the tasks at hand while
looking ahead to find practical solutions before they are needed.
We stay current with the latest HR trends and laws.


We are agile and adapt to changing priorities and business landscapes.
We know things change fast, and whether you face strategic changes
or HR emergencies, we are poised for action.


We are diligent and conscientious in our approach to your HR projects.
We are meticulous and collaborative, going the extra mile to ensure
your organization’s success.

Your HR Tools and Support

Comprehensive and Customized Human Resource Services

Jinji HR serves businesses nationwide. We bring high-touch and comprehensive human resource services to corporate, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial companies and to non-profit organizations.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fold your HR challenges into something beautiful.

Contact us today for a free needs assessment and see how our expert HR team can help your business blossom.