Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of trying to piece together an effective HR strategy on your own?

Let us fold all the pieces into place for you with our expert HR consulting services.
Is outsourced HR a good option for my business?

Yes! Our services are custom to your company. No matter the industry, location, or size, we can help improve your HR processes, ensure compliant procedures, and reduce your day-to-day HR workload.

I have under 5 employees, can Jinji HR still help?

Yes! We have worked with companies as small as one employee. It is important to set compliant and clear HR processes from employee one to reduce risk and ensure you are establishing solid groundwork to build your business.

Do you work with large organizations?

Yes! Because our solutions are custom to your organization’s needs, we are able to adapt to large organizational structures. This includes collaborating with internal HR team members on projects and HR initiatives, as well as working with your internal HR team to provide ongoing HR support.

I just have a few HR questions I need to be answered on occasion, can you assist?

Yes! Reach out to our team for more information.

Some of our employees only speak Spanish, will you be able to communicate with them?

Yes! We have bilingual team members who can do everything HR related to support your Spanish-speaking team. This includes Spanish trainings, employee disciplinary counseling, documents, and more!

Which states can you provide services in?

Jinji HR provides virtual HR services for organizations located in any state. We currently provide HR support for companies throughout the US, including multi-state companies. We are familiar with the intricacies that come with state specific compliance. Reach out to learn more!

What does "Jinji" mean?

Inspired by the high level of personalized service experienced in Japan, Jinji means Human Resources in Japanese.

Unfold your business’s full potential. Let us help you create a tailored HR strategy.